1. PRAY. This step is the most important step. Get on your knees and talk to the Lord. Tell Him everything like you would your best friend. Tell Him what you would like to see in your marriage.

Write down what you want to be changed. This way you can look back in a year and see it as proof that God is answering your prayers. If we don’t write it down we will forget and it’s harder to see the progress.

2. Have others pray for you and with you. Tell someone about what’s going on in your family. Make sure it’s someone you trust. Someone that you know won’t judge you and won’t tell everyone around.

3. Step over yourself. Make the first move. If it’s hard for you to say I love you. Practice in the bathroom saying it to yourself. Then practice it on your kids. Then tell your spouse everyday you love them and it will start turning your relationship around.

4. Humble. Start biting your tongue when you want to talk back or yell. Pray in your mind at the same time. The more you practice this, the easier it gets.

5. Small acts of kindness. It can be just a simple hug or a touch on the arm. It can be buying a cup of tea for them. Just remember to be kind just like Jesus was always kind. This will melt your spouses heart and at the same time heal your heart. The more kindness we do the better we feel about ourself.

“…Love one another. As I have loved you,..”

John 13:34

Published by Veronika B.

Welcome to my life blog. Im Veronika, 28 years old wife and mom to two kids. Living one day at at time by the mercy and grace of God. Here I will be sharing bits about my life, my experiences, faith, family, and mom life. Hope you find something that helps and encourages you.

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